Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Things - Tagged by Linda

I've been tagged by my friend Linda on this post - Mocha with Linda Random Things. She wants to know more about me (and really who can blame her), so I'm willing participant! Linda, I hope after you read mine, we'll stay friends!

If any of you who read this blog want to participate, PLEASE DO! I won't tag anyone since I'm still having an identity problem (with the blogs) and I'm not sure who of my followers over there is actually seeing anything I post.

Here's some random things about me that you might not have known (and you might wish you hadn't learned!).

1. I have drawn a complete blank (my choo choo train has derailed).

2. I'm an email junkie. I'm constantly checking my email and clearing out any unread items. Problem with this is that if I don't respond immediately then I sometimes forget to respond at all. I check my email on my phone (through my web browser) and that can cause some very forgetful issues.

3. I wanted to be a nurse when I was growing up and I even went to school for about 2 years. Somewhere along the way, I figured out I don't like the blood and gore that goes along with being a nurse, so I changed my mind. BUT, what's so random, is that I LOVE watching medical shows that might or might not show blood and gore.

4. I wish I knew how to do the nifty "strikeout" word feature on Blogger. I really like it and find posts with it used particularly hilarious. I figured it out *cough* or maybe Linda told me!

5. I have blog envy which is one reason I change the design of mine frequently. I've been trying to find one I really like but not copy someone else's.

6. I have no trouble piping up in a meeting and talking but I get really nervous talking in front of a big group of people. I also do better speaking when I just sort of go with the flow instead of planning something out. There's a lot of prayer involved in those moments (by me and the people listening too!).

7. When I was growing up, I lived in 3 places all within a mile of each other. When I was 5, we moved from an apartment to a house down the street. When I was 11, our house was victim to a fire so while it was being fixed, we lived in another apartment close by. (We still had to go check on our hound dog!) After I graduated from high school, I moved to Atlanta and lived in three different places within a year and a half! From there, I moved to New Jersey, back to Alabama, then to Charleston, SC (where I can't even count all the moves we made 4 moves) to Alb. NM (1 place) back to Charleston (3 more moves) to Seattle, WA (3 moves) and then back to Birmingham, AL. (3 moves) I've been happy to live in the same place for the past 4 years! PHEW! (SEVENTEEN MOVES! I can't even blame the military for most of those moves!)

8. Since # 1 wasn't really something random, more like something that happens all the time, I'm going to add one more. I'm a reality TV junkie, but not like Big Brother or those types of shows. I like the home improvement, clean house, buy houses, etc. type of shows! I also really like the crime and prison shows!

Ok, Linda...still hanging with me? Thank you for tagging me!



TCKK said...

Fun post. It's fun getting to know you a little better. And I thought we moved a lot. I went to 3 Elementarys, 1 Jr. High and 2 High Schools. But I must say, sounds like you beat me by far!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow - you have moved a lot!! The only time I moved that much was in college and right afterward, changing dorms and then apartments as I married off all my roommates!

The strikethrough is a breeze. On the html section when writing your post just put del inside the [<>} signs then type your word, then type a /del with the [<>] right after it. (Don't use the [], I just put those to see if this comment would ignore the "greater than" signs and not think I was trying to do a code! If it doesn't make sense, email me!

Lora said...

I've always liked your blog design Cathy!

Charleston, SC is one of my favorite cities! And I enjoy the home improvement type shows too!


And Linda, thank you for the info on how to do the strike outs!