Saturday, May 16, 2009

A little rest and more

I guess I unwittingly took a little break from blogging, Facebooking and tweeting! Although, I have kept up with the blogs. If I'm able, I read them in the morning before my work day gets started. I can't view video or see a lot of pictures, but I still read! I think I'm back!

James & I had a long weekend last weekend (well it was even longer for James). On Friday, he drove down from Ft. Knox with our travel trailer. Saturday morning, we headed out (in separate cars) to a campground outside of Savannah, Georgia. Let me just tell you that was one long drive. (Luckily, I had a book on tape! I listened to Karen Kingsbury's Summer. Gosh it was sweet.) We (ok, he) got the trailer all whatever it is you do and we went and grabbed a bite to eat. We went to bed late and got up early so we could make the trek back to Birmingham. James had a gotten a flight back to Ft. Knox from Birmingham. I thought that was so sweet because he could've just flown out of Savannah. The trip was much shorter driving one car and James had 2 hours to wait for his flight. On Tuesday, he got to drive a gov't vehicle back down to Georgia! He'll be at Ft. Stewart until early July.

My little baby will be 14 on Monday! Last night was the 8th grade banquet. Her last Friday in middle school! (I'm really ready for middle school to be over. Quite honestly, I didn't enjoy it when I was in it and now I've lived through it 2 more times!) I can't believe she'll be 14 and starting high school soon.

My other daughter was in her first car accident on Cinqo de Mayo. She was driving a friend's car when she clipped another car. It's been quite an adventure and may I recommend you tell your child to NOT drive someone else's car OR allow a friend to drive her (his) car? If you need to know more about this ordeal, just let me know.

School will be out this Thursday! I like it when school is out, especially now that my girls are older. Traffic is much lighter and I don't have to wake kids up. Although, to be fair, I don't have to really worry about either of them in the morning anymore.

The girls & I are going to visit James next weekend in Savannah. When we bought our trailer, we bought one with "two bedrooms", figuring we'd travel with kids. Well, a year and a half later, we're finally all going to be in the trailer. (I've only spent 2 nights in it.) It'll be interesting, to say the least. Seriously, let's all pray for good weather next weekend (right now it sounds like someone is bowling outside). There will be a lot of bickering if we're all cramped in the trailer all weekend.

I'm going to have a couple of giveaways next week. Please come back and check for those. Also, I have an update on McShane!

So what's happenin' with you?


Mary said...

Sounds like one sweet husband! And I know just how you feel about that baby girl getting out of middle school! Couldn't stand those years. High school years are much better and more fun.

We were looking for you Sat night to join us at Jim n Nicks! I was looking forward to finally get to meet you face to face. Maybe next time!

Lora said...

I'll be praying for McShanes surgery this Friday. Thank you so much for the update Cathy.

Good advice on not driving someone else's car...we have two teens at our home!

Have a wonderful trip Cathy!