Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Quick Word

What a week, huh? America has lost three of its icons this week - CRAZY!

My 16 yo left for Costa Rica this morning. They actually left for Atlanta yesterday and were flying to C.R. early this morning. It sorta hit me yesterday and I kept praying to not freak out! It worked!

How many of you are fans of Dayspring? I wanted to share the sites of two of the Dayspring writers in case you haven't met them yet! Roy Lessin and Holley Gerth. They both share great gems on their blogs. I can't seem to find words to describe them, so I guess that means you gotta go and visit them!

I'm about to put the computer away and do something with my day. I received an unexpected gift yesterday and I plan to get a mani/pedi with it today!


TCKK said...

Hope you enjoy your manicure and pedicure!!!