Monday, August 24, 2009

Because He said Go...

As you know, I'm headed to India in November. All because He said...Go. I don't think the fact that I'm going to India surprises anyone more than it does me. I don't believe one single person has questioned my (His) decision except me. God is the ultimate Provider and when He says Go, I have faith that He will provide the means. It is my responsibility to ask.

I'm posting this video maybe more for me than anyone else. Because when I think about why I am going, all I have to do is see this. I think about the proud child who Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick encountered on her Compassion trip to India who was so proud of her tiny house that so many people lived in. So many people that they weren't all able to even sleep inside. They have to sleep on the streets. Have you seen the streets? Have you seen the living conditions? Why do I go? Because I have seen and I cannot ignore that God desires for me to take His word to the other end of the world and that in doing His work I will be uncomfortable. But wow at the blessings for them and for me.
So why do I Go? Because He said so. Will you help me Go? I need prayer and funds. Just email me at for more information if you're able to provide either of those. (P.S. you can donate online too!)