Friday, September 11, 2009

Short Term Goal ~ Immediate Need

Here's an email I received from our India trip coordinator just a few minutes ago regarding my trip to India:

As most of you are aware, ½ everyone’s mission trip costs ($1800 of $3595) have been requested “submitted to e3 Partners – Plano office” by September 19th (IN09G). One of the reasons (other then being an e3 Partners Ministry requirement) is so we can purchase airline tickets for what we budgeted for when we planned our mission trip almost a year ago.

Well God has surprised us incredibly in just the last few days as Mary has received airline quotes at a much reduced rate then what we anticipated for the route we normally travel (through Frankfurt, Germany) – glory to God! Therefore Mary will be purchasing airline tickets on Monday for all team members who have a minimum of $1300 in their mission trip account (or in our hands) by Monday morning, September 14th.

If the prices hold to us, everyone (whose ticket is purchased by September 14th) will receive a $200 mission trip cost reduction ($3,600 to $3,400)!!!

WOW!  When you have $3,600 to raise, a $200 reduction is HUGE!  I am about $300 short of meeting the $1,300 goal and being able to have my ticket purchased on Monday. 
Would you prayerfully consider donating money for the trip?  If you feel so lead, would you do so now.  It's really easy to donate online and honestly, no amount is too small.  The Lord can do mighty things with our gifts, no matter the size.  (Remember the little boy with the fish and the loaves.)
Here are the directions:
Click on “Make a Donation”
File in your information
Click “I’d like to support a friend going on an e3 trip”
Enter my name (Cathy Morgan Davis) and my code IN09G
Print a receipt for your tax records!
I do not receive notification of online donations, so please let me know if you were able to donate, so I'll know if I've met my goal.
Thank you so much for journeying with me to India.  Truth be told, I think I'll be more comfortable in the middle of a village surrounded by people who don't even speak the same language I do than requesting for money from people.  If you're unable to donate, would you consider joining my prayer team??  Without prayer, I can do nothing.



Rachel said...

That's awesome!! God is so good!