Monday, February 1, 2010

So Long Insecurity!

Hey, have you heard that Beth Moore is releasing a new book entitled So Long Insecurity?  It's either being released today or tomorrow.  I'm anxiously awaiting the copy I pre-ordered to arrive!  I'm not real sure how I missed doing a review for it - maybe I didn't get asked to review it by Tyndale, who, by the way, is launching a new website and they are giving away books every day for the next 30 days!

I digress so quickly sometimes. 

Obviously, I'm excited for this new book.  We're hosting the April 24, 2010 simulcast at our church (but I'm really going to miss being with my siestas in Atlanta!) and I'm excited about that too!

BUT, the main reason for this post is to tell you that Beth Moore will be leading a study of her new book on her blog!

Here are the details from her blog, in case you're interested in participating! (How many !! will I use in this post?)

What’s the plan?
To go through the book together here on the blog over the course of nine weeks. It will conclude the week prior to the SLI simulcast (on April 24th) and I’m anticipating God using our discussions here to add insight into the messages I’ll share that day. He’s used you so many times in this ministry.

How will it work?
Every week I’ll give you a reading assignment (roughly two chapters a week) along with one or two questions based on that material. Those who want to respond will do so through posting comments.

Who should participate?
Anyone with two X chromosomes! Everybody’s welcome! Some of the things we do together on this blog – like summer Bible study and Scripture memory – are over the heads or outside the interests of many of our female coworkers, neighbors, siblings, or friends. Not this time. This subject matter was purposely written to be relevant for any woman trying to survive this culture with a little dignity. My prayer is that, in the pursuit of dignity, they will discover real Security. (Proverbs 3:26 NLT) I give you my word it is not a trap. It is what I believe from the marrow of my bones to be the Truth. If you’re unsure you want to risk asking someone outside the Christian community to join us, grab hold of the book quickly, read it for yourself and see if you think a few of your friends might be open to going through it. No pressure. It’s entirely up to you. God alone has the power to draw people to His Son.

When will we start?
So Long Insecurity hits the stands this coming Tuesday, February 2nd. I will give everyone who wants to participate one week to get your hands on a copy (bookstores, Amazon, etc.). Then, on Tuesday, February 9th, I’ll do a “roll call” (First name and city) to see who’s going to participate. That’s always a ton of fun. In an outreach setting like this one, it will be a blast to see brand new names. On Thursday, February 11th, we’ll start our reading assignments and our first week’s discussion questions. Each Thursday for the next nine weeks I’ll pitch another set of assignments and questions on the blog until we reach the conclusion. (For those who are afraid that one week might not be long enough to get a copy of the book in your hands, keep in mind that, even if you get yours late into the second week, the reading goes quickly enough to put you right on schedule.)

What if I don’t want to take nine whole weeks to read the book?
I just knew somebody was going to ask that question. I’m laughing but I’d be the same way. You can read the book as fast as you’d like then look back on it chapter by chapter as we slow down and do it together as a group.

But what if I don’t want to participate?
Then don’t! I’ll love you so much anyway and meet with you plenty of other times on the blog.

WOW. This is about to be a reality. I just have one last thing to say, Siestas. If you hate it, you helped me write it. SHARE MY PAIN!

I love you. Beth

I love you too!
(Seriously, how many ! did I use?)


Mocha with Linda said...

I got two emails about reviewing it, but there were so few copies they got snatched up the minute the email came through! I guess some people are just at their computer constantly! LOL (It's not like I'm never on mine!)

Andrea said...

I have got to try and get out to get this book. Right now, we still have snow and more expected. More snow this year than ever....
Blessings, andrea

Cathy said...

Are you going to participate. I'm thinking about it. I haven't gotten the book yet though.