Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crafting an Elevated Dog Bed

Crafting an elevated dog bed
Guest post written by Malcolm Evans
One thing that I really love about my home is that it's pretty streamlined. Growing up, my mom had trinkets everywhere, which really made it hard for me and my brothers to play football around the house. We broke a couple of things and I thought that it would be better to set up my home to where my kids wouldn't have to worry about that.

Even though my home is really streamlined, I thought that our dog really needed a dog bed. He's always sleeping anywhere around the house, which can be a problem when I get up in the morning and trip over him. I looked online with my wireless internet Tacoma to see I if could find a good dog bed for him. I found lots of beds I could buy, but also directions on how to make a lot of them, so I decided to go with that.

I decided to make a elevated dog bed because it just seemed so cool. Plus, it will be a little easier to notice him in when I wake up in the mornings so I won't trip over him.


Hudson said...

There is also a varying array of options for dog beds, such as designer dog beds on sale to look like real beds, designed to look like real furniture, and a designed to accommodate the older geriatric dog, such as orthopedic dog beds and heated dog beds.

johny said...

One huge benefit that raised dog beds offer is that they are off of the floor. Your dog does not have to plop or fall down onto their pillow and then attempt to manipulate the material to get comfortable. raised dog bedsI thanks full to your commenting and sharing.