Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1 Peter - It's all about community

It's all about community!    

Tender Scar 3340
(From Kregel and/or Sue Edwards) We have reached our sixth week of study already! I'm encouraged by how much we've learned about our priestly calling, about the Holy Spirit, about how to have a luminous faith. And I'm refreshed by the fun we've had too. I don't know if any other study has ever given me the chance to talk about chocolate, beauty, AND men :-).

This week we discuss what we all want during troubling times: PEACE. In the introduction to this week, Sue says, "If we are to survive in hostile times, we must learn to get along and to love one another as brothers and sisters in the family of God." I don't know about you, but I don't always find this easy. I'm looking forward to the challenge of pursuing peace this week!

Week 6 Instructions
What does the word harmony mean to you? Whether it is at home, work, or church, what is a practical example of how you have embraced harmony in your own life?

Harmony to me is everything working together, without strife or complaining. It's when you each work together (whether at home, work, church) with a common goal in mind. Like - Saturday morning is cleaning day. You know it's cleaning day, so you each go about your tasks - without grumbling - and work together to get the house cleaned up for the week. (Ok, this doesn't happen in my house, but I think it's good example of harmony!)

I feel a sense of harmony when we have worship services on Sunday. We're all there to worship the Lord, praise Him and hear from Him. (While there may be grumbling at some point, it's not during the service.) It's harmonious.

I have been enjoying this study and this blog tour. We're almost done!

Thank you Kregel Publications and Sue Edwards for allowing me to participate in this blog tour!