Monday, March 30, 2009

Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament - Book Review

Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament MP3 Set
International Children's Bible - Audio Version

Book Description
Now the entire New Testament is ready for the Wired Generation.

Today’s youth ingest media at a faster rate than any previous generation. And they can’t get enough! The Word of Promise: Next Generation - New Testament is the perfect way for young multi-taskers to absorb Scripture. This ambitious recording makes the Word accessible to more kids than ever before.

Starring a Hollywood-level cast of young talent including Cody Linley (Hanna Montana, Dancing with the Stars) as Jesus, AnnaSophia Robb (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Mary Magdalene, Jordin Sparks (American Idol Winner) as Elizabeth, Cobin Bleu (High School Musical) as Peter, Alyson Stoner (Cheaper by the Dozen) as Martha, and narrated by Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings). The project includes informative book introductions by author Max Lucado and his daughter, Jenna Lucado, who is a speaker on the Revolve® Tour.

The Word of Promise: Next Generation is much more than just a word-for-word reading: it’s an all-star cast performing audio drama with a rich original score and Hollywood special effects. When Jesus walks on the water, kids will feel like they’re in the boat. When Peter waits in the courtyard during the Lord’s trial, the fire will crackle. The ambient sounds of the Holy land, the breath-taking musical score, the world-class young actors and the timeless Word of Promise all combine to deliver an unparalleled achievement.

Set includes 24 hours of audio drama on 3 mp3 CDs and a bonus 75 minute Behind-the-Scenes DVD featuring interviews with the actors.

My Review:
I think this will be great for children and tweens to listen to but I’m not sure my teenagers would be interested in listening to it. The disks are in MP3 format, so we cannot listen to them on the car’s CD player (some car CD players are MP3 compatible and the disks could work on those players). All of the books are introduced by either Max Lucado, or his daughter, Jenna Lucado. I enjoyed the introductions and was glad they were there. I have the original Word of Promise New Testament audio bible and I’ll stick to it. But, this presentation wasn’t geared for people my age; it was geared towards youth and children.

The Bible used was the International Children's Bible and I had never heard of it. For the audience for whom this set is geared, I believe it was an appropriate version. The words are simple but clear. The dramatization was good, and children will recognize the voices of some of their favorite characters. It is a nicely done presentation of the New Testament. There is also a DVD with info about the production and the actors. I enjoyed watching DVD and hearing stories of faith from the actors.

I would recommend this audio bible to anyone who would like for their children (youth) to listen to the bible. I do think it would be presented best in a either a car setting or playing it instead of music in the house.


Lora said...

Cathy, I have this set to review as well and can't play it in my CD player! Loved your review!

DeeDee said...

Hey Cathy...
I found you from Fran's blog...
I haven't been twittering much lately so I have missed you all. :)
Sweet Blessings

Sisters of Faith said...

THAT sounds like a great gift idea for the grandkids! (they could all listen in the car (mp3 formated) with their parents---making road trips more enjoyable!

Thanks for sharing this info!

Don't forget we are having a giveaway at the Sisters of Faith for a free registration of the bloggers retreat featuring Mary Snyder and many other speakers!

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