Friday, April 24, 2009

A Bunch of Random Things!

Hello my dear bloggy peeps! Oh how I have missed you. I can't believe how long it's been since I posted a blog.

James was home for a week and we were busy doing stuff (nothing really just not being on the computer). We did run up to Memphis to visit McShane & Mike and go to the Super Chevy Show. We went to Beale Street Friday evening and that was pretty neat. There were street performers and live music and LOTS of food (and even more alcohol with the biggest drinks I've ever seen - one size came with a strap! I kid you not)! The racing part of the Super Chevy Show got rained out, but not before I got a nice sunburned red neck (just my neck, thank you irony) and blisters on my feet. BUT, I tried really hard not to complain because the boys were having fun.
We had a neat prayer & worship gathering at church last weekend, where we kicked off a 90 Day period of seeking God as His Church with this question: What area of Birmingham are you leading us to adopt for 25 years? My oldest daughter was part of the worship team and she knocked my socks off. My youngest daughter sat with me and I enjoyed some sweet fellowship time with her. Does your church have prayer gatherings? I love them!
Here are my thoughts on cuticle care (here's the really random part of the post)...I work with paper and I type, so I have dry fingers and I can't grow my nails. I don't use nail polish because it seems to make my nails peel and break. Over the last several months, I started having a problem with hangnails, extremely dry nail beds and nails that split. It was gross (and painful). I bought a cuticle oil stick and started using it several times a day at work. At home, I have a container of cuticle oil stuff that I use. Oh my goodness, let me tell you my nails have never looked better! There's truth in the statement "The best way to make sure your nails are healthy is to moisturize them daily, and care for your cuticles." I have had to cut my nails back because they started growing too long, I haven't had one single hang nail nor have my nails broken. It's amazing, I tell you. If you have problems with your nails, try this remedy!
Work has been hectic and busy. Oh, I bought myself a Nintendo DS and I've been mastering my Diner Dash skills, which might also explain why I haven't been around...We just finished our study on To Live is Christ, the life & ministry of Paul (WOW). We'll be starting Esther, It's Tough Being a Woman the end of next month. We're going through Measureless Love which God is using to really speak to me about looking to other people for affirmation and adoration. Do you think He gets tired of having to repeat the same message over and over? I'm so glad He loves me!
What's going on with all of you? I have missed you!!


Mocha with Linda said...

Welcome back! Love to know what's going on, random or not!

Cathy said...

Glad to see you back. I need to try that cuticle thing. I'm really having trouble with my nails. I've never done that before. Thanks for the tip.

By the way, you are gonna love the Esther study. We have just 2 weeks left and it has been awesome!!


Sande said...

Esther seems to be very popular at the moment .... maybe "for such a time as this" .... :)

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