Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I got questions - do you have answers?

If you've done the Beth Moore Esther bible study, you might recognize the following questions. The central theme is that it's tough being a woman (boy, ain't it?). We're putting together a book in our class and I'm interested in what other people have to say :). Would you share one or all of the answers the questions below? You can submit it as yourself or anonymously.

1. Please list three ways it's hard to be a woman.
2. Favorite recipes
3. Tips (entertainment, beauty, etc.)
4. Favorite promises from Scripture
5. Best advice you've received (or wish you had received)
6. Advice you've given (or wish you had given)
7. Something you were told about being a woman (by mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, etc.)

I'm off for another fun filled work day! I hope you have a great day too!


Cathy said...

1. a. trying to parent teenage girls and give good advise, but not always preachy!
b. trying to please everyone.
c. finding enough time to do it all (of course, maybe if I stayed off the computer a little more)

2. The chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate chip bag and then instead of cookies bake it in a cake pan and sprinkle with powdered sugar. yummo

3. Just relax and be yourself.

4. Romans 10:9 and Jeremiah 29:11

5. All that I learned in the Beth Moore Believing God bible study (see my blog sidebar if you want specifics)

6. He's God and I'm not!

7. I can't think of anything.

I hope these answers are ok. They are just off the top of my head.