Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prayer for McShane needed

I don't have a lot of time to link and stuff, so please forgive me. I'll get it all fixed up later when I get home!

Here's my request for McShane. Please keep him in your prayers and lift him UP. I know God can do ALL THINGS and I'm believing Him and thanking Him for those answered prayers.
I just got off the phone with James, who just got off the phone with Mike, regarding McShane. (James is doing his "field" thing and talking to him right now is very sparce.)

The skin graft that McShane had during his surgery did not take. (I don't know what the skin graft was for.) The plastic surgeon came in a bit ago and said that McShane has got to have emergency surgery because it looks like the muscle in his leg is dying. He wanted to have surgery today but McShane had ingested some milk today. The plan as I understand it to have surgery tomorrow morning on his leg.

McShane has been having trouble healing since the chemo started and this was one of the concerns we had following the surgery. Just that he'd be really slow to heal. I'm not surprised the skin graft didn't take, but I am surprised to hear of the problems it is causing. There is a chance that he will lose his leg. (You might recall that the surgery was called limb salvaging surgery so there has been that fear anyway.)

Please pray for the surgeon's hands to be guided by the Ultimate Healer! I pray for McShane's healing and I really hope he'll be able to keep his leg and will have full use of that leg! I'm believing God and I know He's got McShane in the palm of His hands.

Thank you dear ones for your continued prayers. I love you so!


Lora said...

Joining with you in prayer Cathy.