Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here is the sweetest picture of Meagan sharing the story of Christ with a child in Costa Rica!


Sande said...

Thought I'd gone and got all "growed" up.

Now I'm thinking that life was less confusing with all the truck loads of other information. The cultural "have to knows" separate from the simplicity of what God thinks of us.

Be as a little child hey?

TCKK said...

Oh how sweet!!! He looks so intent!

Mocha Momma said...

I came over from seeing TCKK and thought I'd check out your blog.

Looks like some wine tasting and fireworks were enjoyed on the 4th. I would enjoy that.

Glad to see your daughter is safely home from Costa Rica. I hope she had an awesome experience there.

Enjoyed my visit. I'll be back,
Nannette from Life: Be In It