Monday, August 17, 2009

Exceeding Your Expectations -- Blog Tour *giveaway*

Exceeding Your Expectations: Learning the Ten Leadership Principles that Guarantee Results by Linda Olson (Guardian Books)

Is it possible that no matter how many times you’ve failed at getting ahead, that the secret to finally breaking through could be … Easy?

The Answer is Yes…No matter how many times you have tried to get ahead and failed, even if you have had little breakthroughs and then were set back again – you can learn to rise above your circumstances and enjoy the life you deserve.

Linda Olson is best known for her work in equipping and empowering women. She knows how discouraging in can be to work hard at getting a breakthrough only to be set back one more time. She also knows that getting the big breakthrough is possible regardless of how many setbacks, how many people tell her to give up, or discourage her from moving ahead. Linda has learned to exceed her expectations wherever she goes.

Exceeding Your Expectations offers timeless principles in an easy to follow format where readers can journal their insights about the material. Applying the principles will work in any situation, for any generation, and are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Anyone reading the book will benefit by: 1. learning the secret to connecting with others wherever you go2. recognizing the power available through relationships3. following the actions steps that position you to exceed your expectations.

Exceeding Your Expectations, a must-read in this economy, teaching how to rise above your present circumstances and learn to exceed your expectations.

About the Author
Linda's infectious storytelling ability, along with her passion for giving to others, captivates audiences wherever she goes. Linda believes in living life and living it to the fullest.

From a farm in Midwest Canada to the desert in Southern California, Linda has embraced every part of her journey. She has learned strong work ethics, the power of perseverance, and finds her strength through her personal faith in God. Her leadership journey began at the age of twenty-one and has included everything from teaching troubled teens to surviving on an island. She has enjoyed the college life as Dean of Women, counseling men, women, and families in her private therapy practice, empowering women through service in Women’s Ministry, to inspiring women to preserve their photos and memories through Creative Memories. She has also worked as a counselor and program coordinator at a Domestic Violence Shelter, as a social worker with Visiting Nurses in the Hospice department, and has volunteered many years in children’s and women’s ministry at her church. Linda has encouraged people from all walks of life, equipping them to fulfill their innermost dreams.

Her formal education includes a Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy, and one in Christian Education. She’s a Certified Life Coach, a member of Toastmaster’s, and has over thirty-five years experience as an entrepreneur and leader–all of which have equipped her to train and inspire leaders to become who they were meant to be. Linda has empowered audiences throughout the United States and Canada since 1973 with her inspirational stories, leadership principles, vulnerability, and call for action.

Linda has a special heart for non profit organizations. She loves to “give back” to the organizations whether it’s a church group or a fundraiser in the community. She speaks to both Christian and secular audiences-both men’s and women’s groups-on anything from inspiration and motivation to developing Christian women in leadership. Her husband, Rick, a counselor, Life Coach, and speaker, often joins her at her events. Together they have raised two beautiful daughters, and make their home in Palmale, CA.

There are several things available on Linda's website (including how to purchse the book) which is

  • Coordinating Journal, Goliath Challenge – My gift to you.

  • My new book & DVD, Exceeding Your Expectations.

  • Capturing your Vision – is a program where I will work with a leadership team and teach them to Capture their vision, Explode their influence and Bring $ back to their organization. As part of that program I speak to their group equipping and empowering women to recognize their value and their potential.

  • Teleseminar Series – for anyone who wants to go deeper. This series consists of 6 teleseminars as well as time for leaders to ask their personal questions.

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May you have a blessed day and good luck!