Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Blog Where She Talks About a Friend's Giveaway

Does anyone else besides me have the hardest time coming up with catchy and witty titles?

I'm digressing and I've barely started!  My sweet friend, Cathy, is hosting her FIRST giveaway!  She is such a precious lady and I would love for her to have so many entries she doesn't know what to do with herself!  So, please, go on over to her bliggity blog and enter her giveaway.  While you're there, look at the pictures she posts.  I love them!

Good luck with the giveaway Cathy!

(Addendum: I receive extra credit for blogging about her giveaway, BUT I would gladly promote her even if I didn't.)


TCKK said...

Thanks Cathy. I appreciate the shout-out. If you get a chance add comment to my post for this. The selection will come from the comments and you're entitled to a 3rd one.

Mocha with Linda said...

LOL - and here I thought this was going to be about MY giveaway!! Thanks for the heads up!