Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday in the Scriptures

During the Beth Moore simulcast, she briefly mentioned Micah 7:8 and it was one of those verses that just resonated with me. Probably because I just always seem to be in a season of working my way through "junk".  I feel like I sometimes I just give Satan too much reason to delight in my ways when it's only God I want to delight in me and in my ways.  Look at what Micah says here:

This is Micah 7:8-10 from The Message (I love

 8-10Don't, enemy, crow over me.
   I'm down, but I'm not out.
I'm sitting in the dark right now,
   but God is my light.
I can take God's punishing rage.
   I deserve it—I sinned.
But it's not forever. He's on my side
   and is going to get me out of this.
He'll turn on the lights and show me his ways.
   I'll see the whole picture and how right he is.
And my enemy will see it, too,
   and be discredited—yes, disgraced!
This enemy who kept taunting,
   "So where is this God of yours?"

I'm going to see it with these, my own eyes—
   my enemy disgraced, trash in the gutter.

(emphasis mine)

I love it.  I might be down, but don't you count me out.  And Satan, you taunt me now, but my God will discredit and disgrace you and His judgment is just. 

Wordle: Micah 7:8-10