Monday, October 5, 2009

Find Your Strongest Life - Book Review

In Find Your Strongest Life, Marcus Buckingham reveals the powerful key to bring fulfillment, peace, and control into a woman's life.

In today's world, can a woman truly "have it all"? A fulfilling career full of passion and performance? A belief that she is truly becoming the best, authentic version of herself? A happy, healthy life outside of work?

Countless women would roll their eyes at the possibility. Work is overwhelming. And for many of them, add the necessities of family and home. It all feels disconnected, out of control, and relentless.

In Find Your Strongest Life, Marcus Buckingham reveals the powerful key to help women draw enough strength from life to feel fulfilled, loved, successful, and in control. Even more, he helps women reconnect with their purpose and gives a starting point for change. A research-based message that applies to work and life, Find Your Strongest Life shows women a "unified theory" for how they really can have it all . . . the right kind of all.

My review:
This was a well written book with very relevant content.  It has a link to go along with the book so you can take the quiz to find out how you can find your strongest life.  One thing I liked is it's not a "get fixed now" book.  His data is based on months (or longer) of following up with the women who participated in his survey.

You can purchase the book at Amazon or directly from Thomas Nelson.

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Sande said...

Gosh. You get your books through so quick. Youve done three to my one. Takes months for the book to get to Australia though. {sighs}

TCKK said...

Hi Cathy! Don't forget to e-mail me your address so I can send your gift.

PJ said...

Hey Cathy! Just thought I'd stop in and say Hi! I Can't see my followers, pictures and info disappeared, I noticed by my dashboard that I have gained 3 since I started having trouble with it. Just by chance if you started following me, thank you. If not, I still enjoy your blog. I think that book is just the thing for me. Although I don't really have a "job" per say, I clean a few houses for extra money,
my husband's a diabled vet, and I have no children, so I feel kind of like, well...God, what am I here for"? Oh well, maybe that book would do me some good.


PJ said...

Hey Gal! Just wanted to stop in again and let you know I got my followers back. I also clicked on placing a link from my blog to your's. I am on Facebook, but it's not connected to my blog yet. I'm listed under Creek.

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