Saturday, December 26, 2009

Final day in the mission field

One of the things we had to do each time we presented the gospel was try to explain what sin was to people who had never heard of sin, the one true God or Jesus.  It always made for an interesting time.  (This is usually when the chaos would break every single thanda and at every single presentation.)  We were called the share the gospel and to disciple the people - let them know how they can grow in Christ.  We weren't there to tell them how to live or what they could or couldn't do once they accepted Christ as their Savior.  I tell you this in hopes that I can convey the meaning behind the story I'm about to share.

Through one of the nationals with us, this man had just accepted Christ as his Savior and he wanted prayer.  It was very common for us to pray with the people  in the village - even though we tried to explain that God answered their prayers too.  Our prayers were not any more special than theirs.

This man wanted to prayer so he would not drink or smoke (probably marijuana) anymore, because he knew it was wrong.  What was so amazing about his request is that the Holy Spirit let him know these actions were inappropriate for a believer in Christ, not one of us. 

I've certainly had my share of struggles with addictions and I was asked to pray with him.  When I started praying for him, the Spirit took hold and I was a powerful prayer warrior for this man.  Not because of my feeble words, but because of His mighty words.  He had to sense the presence of the Holy Spirit like I did because we were both weeping when the prayer was over. 

It was one of the most powerful moments with God that I've ever had and trying to put it into words is almost impossible.   I was so humbled and grateful to be used by Him -- throughout the whole trip -- but in particularly at this moment. 


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