Thursday, June 10, 2010

India Memory

Erin Healy was having a countdown to her 40th birthday and asked people to write about his or her dealings with the unseen (I hope I worded that right) in 400 words or less. I didn't make it in time so my entry was entered, but here it is for you to enjoy.

Before I left for India in November 2009, I spent more time in prayer and reading God’s word preparing for spiritual warfare. We were taught that when we went into a thanda (village) to say “Peace to this thanda” and if a man (person) of peace was there, our peace would rest on him (or her). However, if we went to a thanda where our peace wasn’t returned, we were to knock the dust of the thanda off our feet and leave (Luke 10:5-12).

At most of the thandas we visited, we were warmly welcomed. However, we visited one thanda that made the hair on my neck stand up. It started as we were making our journey down the dirt road, through the fields, and we saw in the distance a huge statue. I started getting a very uneasy feeling as we neared it. It was a huge statue of the monkey god which people worshiped (approx. 30 feet tall). Now most of the people we visited lived in huts and none seemed to have running water. The children’s clothes were raggedy and torn. There was no wealth in these thandas, yet someone could afford to make this huge statue?

When we arrived at the thanda, all the people gathered and seemed cordial enough. However, as the team started presenting the gospel, I could sense an evil presence there. The people became argumentative and hostile. If I could have hit my knees, I would have. I walked around with my bible (as is standard when someone is presenting the gospel) and I could sense the Holy Spirit saying our team was not welcome and we needed to knock the dust off our feet and leave. After hearing Him speak to me for a few minutes, I started rounding everyone up to leave. I wasn’t sure I would be successful – would they even believe me? I probably wasn’t convincing but the Holy Spirit was and soon we were washing the dust off feet and leaving. One of the team members had witnessed something so evil, she could not even share it with any of us.

I thank God that I am one of His children and that He has given me the ability to recognize things not of this world. More importantly, He will never leave me nor forsake me and will light my path. (Eph. 6:12) (Ps. 119:105)

P.S. I just finished reading "Never Let You Go" by Erin Healy and it's really good.