Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life in Defiance Mary DeMuth

Life in Defiance - Mary DeMuth

Set against the backdrop of Defiance, Texas, Life in Defiance, book three in the Defiance Texas Trilogy by Mary DeMuth, reflects a choice we all face: reveal our secrets or bury them forever ... and live with the consequences.


In a town she personifies, Ouisie Pepper wrestles with her own defiance. Desperate to become the wife and mother her husband Hap demands, Ouisie pours over a simple book about womanhood, constantly falling short, but determined to improve. Through all that self-improvement, Ouisie carries a terrible secret: she knows who killed Daisy Chance. As her children inch closer to uncovering the killer's identity and Hap's rages roar louder and become increasingly violent, Ouisie has to make a decision. Will she protect her children by telling her secret? Or will Hap's violence silence them all? Set on the backdrop of Defiance, Texas, Ouisie's journey typifies the choices we all face---whether to tell the truth about secrets and fight for the truth or bury them forever and live with the violent consequences.
My review:
This was the third book in the Defiance series. I enjoyed the first two books (Daisy Chain and A Slow Burn) but the third book was my favorite.  I could relate to the mom and her struggles.  The only part about the trilogy that I did not like was that I had to wait until the last book to find out the whole story!  Talk about suspenseful!  The ending of the book did not disappoint and the various story lines were wrapped up so I wasn't left wondering what happened. I was very surprised by the ending. 

I would highly recommend this book (and the series) to anyone.  If you enjoy suspenseful books with a redemptive component, then this is certainly a series you want to read.

Thank you Mary for a great book!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.  Thank you!


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Hey Cathy! That sounds like a really good book. Time to hit the library!