Wednesday, November 24, 2010

McShane and His Bucket List

This post is written by my brother-in-law, Mike Davis, about his son (and my nephew), McShane. I think what he says is far better than what I can, so I'll leave it up to him.

I would first like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season to all.
Now the tough part...McShane has made his bucket list and we are hoping to make a difference if you have time, please forward this letter to as many people as possible you never know who can help out, don't worry about the sensitive information on the bank account. Bank of America is ready.
Michael Davis
My Childs Bucket List
4466 Clipper Cove Destin, Fl. 32541
Phone 850-393-6943

I am are writing this letter on behalf of Michael Shane Paton aka (McShane) as you may already know Since Feb 2009  15 year old McShane  has been dealing with a very bad cancer named Osteosarcoma which is a bone cancer that effects only a few children worldwide a year. After aggressively fighting and with over 20 surgeries, removing tumors, losing his right leg to this awful cancer the doctors at St Jude’s informed McShane and his family that after the 16 month treatment in Memphis the cancer has returned, the experimental drugs did not work and this will be terminal, but they could try more chemo and maybe radiation if he wanted. McShane informed the great doctors there, “that he was not doing anymore chemo and he was going home to have fun”. During this time McShanes’ attitude has been great and he always has a big smile for everyone… all the time. He has insisted on going to school and living life to its fullest, witch brings me to his bucket list. After returning home he wanted to make a list of things he wished to do or have before he goes to heaven. This by far is the hardest thing a family can go through. He is the strongest person I know ,not even a ‘’why me?’’ or “poor me” along the way. He demonstrates daily   what it means to be a survivor and champion, his faith is strong and his spirits’ are good. Even after all of this very hard stuff he gets up with anticipation and hope of what the new day will bring. He has had many days of pain and fear, and at the end of it, the hard truth, that he will probably die from this disease. How much more can the child take? I ask myself. I have seen him hold his head high even when people at the water park stared at him because he lost a limb, scars allover and was different. He has not let this cancer dictate what he can or cannot do. Because of his ability to draw strength from this experience and his real desire to live, I feel like it is my responsibility to provide him with as many of the experiences and wants that we can from his bucket list, with your help that is what we plan to do..  Thank you in advance for all your prayers and support
 Bucket list

1000 dollar visa card for shoes and other items
Cruise to Hawaii and go offshore fishing there!
Golf cart with stereo
Pittsburgh Steelers home game! :)
Ice pilots game
Hemingway’s on Pensacola beach
Go to lee and ricks oyster bar
LSU football game
Xbox 360 the new black one
I-phone 4 with unlimited everything plan from AT&T
Acme oyster house...
Love Mcshane

We have founded a nonprofit org. the # N10000007461 you can put this number on your check to help in the giving it’s a tax deductible account at Bank Of America the account # 229037173008 the name of the account is My Childs Bucket List Inc. if you wish to do a wire transfer you can 026009593 then account # 229037173008 the funds will help with the end of life care not to mention his bucket list If needed you can mail or send to My Childs Bucket List 4466 Clipper cove Destin Fl 32541 also attached is a letter from St. Jude’s confirming his unforgettable condition [note from cathy - I have the letter, it's not attached, but I'll gladly email it if you want]. If you have any question or concerns please give us a call at 850-393-6943. 


(Posted by Cathy Davis - proud aunt :0).