Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honduras Trip

View from Hermosa Church, where we were painting.

From June 18 thru June 25, a team from our church went to La Ceiba, Honduras. There were 22 of us! We wanted to be God's Hand and Feet and do whatever He lead us to do. Some people worked on electrical, construction, bio-filter. Some painted, evangelized, entertained the local children, trained and discipled others.

We painted at the Hermosa church. This was the view - gorgeous! The team went back a second day and finished painting, met with people in the community and provided discipleship training during a church service.

The beach!

We spent about 15 minutes at the beach! Isn't it pretty?

One of the last bus rides - heading to San Pedro Sula
We spent a lot of time on buses going back and forth to the compound. This bus was air conditioned and comfortable, or at least it was from where I was sitting (in the first row on the right). (Our first bus was air conditioned by having all the windows open :0)!)

Shalom Dorm - "The Girls"

My favorite time was talking with "the girls" at the Shalom dorm. We only spent about an hour with them, but we were able to help them finesse their Chicken Dance techniques :)!
Shalom Dorm

On Father's day, we went to church and enjoyed worshiping with the locals in an English/Spanish service. We were able to sing Happy Birthday and Happy Father's day to several people! We were invited to stay for Father's day cake! During the service, this little girl had a flag and stood at the front twirling her flag to the music - so precious.

We ate breakfast and lunch at the compound (mission). Wow there was some great food! I think we had beans with each meal. Sister Eleanor's upside down pineapple cake was a huge hit, along with the mango puree/jam. For dinner, we had several well known restaurants we could go to - Pizza Hut, KFC, Popeyes, Burger King and Quizno's. There was a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins right next to the hotel. I enjoyed some BR Rocky Road! YUMMM!

Many of us battled a virus or a bug while we were there. There was a medical team at our hotel (from Columbiana, of all places) and they graciously checked us out and provided medicine for us. It was their opinion that we had caught a virus while in the States and we were not suffering from Montezuma's revenge! Although I felt like something was getting some type of revenge on me and I battled with it almost the whole week (truth be told - it hasn't finished running its course). I was very thankful for an air conditioned hotel room.The return flight home was a little challenging and took us several hours longer than we anticipated - but we made it back safe and sound!

I appreciate my daughter and my roommates caring for me. I enjoyed the time we were able to spend praying together for our trip and other ongoing mission trips. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

God prepared the soil and gave us the seeds to sow. He  knows the plans He had for us during the trip and I rest assured that they were accomplished. I enjoyed meeting new people and spending time with the ones I already knew.

I will close with one quick and final story. Meagan was trying to clean up our dinner mess (from eating in the lobby). She was using her limited Spanish and hand motions to request a trash bag. After that was accomplished, she took the remaining KFC chicken strips to the clerks to see if they wanted it. Again, using her limited Spanish and her hand motions (for eating and saying nom nom nom), one of the clerks took the box and then in her most serious voice said, "We understand English". All of us bust out laughing - it was great!

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