Friday, December 16, 2011

Cleaning out the Home

I have a problem. Admitting you have a problem is one of the first steps, right? I have so much stuff (a/k/a junk) in my house that I need to get rid of. It is quite daunting. When I have watched Clean House or Clean Sweep, I have seen the trucks swoop in and haul items away. But, the problem with my "stuff" is that it's not necessarily junk -- there are good, usable items in with the not-so-good and non-usable items.

I have started researching and have found that Shenandoah Junk Removal will take my stuff - no matter what it is. All I have to do is point them in the right direction, and they will load up their trucks and take the stuff away. After it is taken away (as if the best part isn't the fact that it's taken away), they will sort through the things and either trash them, recycle them or donate them! They will do all that I don't want to do and will make sure it doesn't wind up in a landfill.

To get started, all I need to do is call 1-800-GOT-JUNK or go online to schedule an appointment.  They will to come and look at my stuff and they will give me a quote for the removal. After my approval, the truck is loaded and the stuff is hauled away!

Have you ever used this service? Would you like to help me get ready for them to come? ;)