Friday, December 16, 2011

Home Improvement

Why is that the holiday time reminds of what all we really need to do around our house? Is it because we have people coming over? Or, is it because we are rearranging the furniture to make room for Christmas decorations and in doing so, we notice just how badly we need to do something?

When we moved into our home, it had newish carpet. It's certainly not what I would have picked out. Through the years, though, it has needed serious cleaning, what with kids and dogs and clumsy folks. But, I don't think of cleaning the carpet when I look at it. I daydream of carpet for the home that I actually picked out.

Not only would I feel better with new carpet for the home but the inside of my home would look better and the value of my home would increase. I have visions of replacing the carpet and having the walls painted. Hanging beautiful pieces of art which I created on the walls. I guess somewhere in there, I would hear birds chirping and my dog not shedding. Also, in this vision, no one was clumsy or spilled anything on the floor. :)

This site offers tips on increasing the value of your home and how new carpet for the home helps.