Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alabama Disaster Relief - Blogging Program

What an incredible opportunity I have been given to help with the tornado relief. If you blog, you have the same opportunity! You only need submit a blog post about the recent tornadoes in Alabama and submit the post to A $25.00 donation will be made to disaster relief. So, come on people, let's write!

I cannot believe that in less than 9 months, parts of Alabama have been devastated by tornados. It's not even "far away" places, but places right around the corner from where I live and work. Places that I have visited and where friends live. One of the scariest aspects of a tornado is it seems to come out of nowhere. Sorta like an earthquake (been through that too). You cannot plan or prepare for the tornado days in advance like you can with a hurricane or snow storm.

So, what can I do to help these people whose homes have been destroyed by the tornados? Well, this is one way....donating money (by blogging no less) to a reputable organization. Christian Service Mission has a huge warehouse and they accept everything from groceries to building supplies. So, in addition to financial support, clean out your closet and donate your new to gently used clothes or household goods. Now, if you think it's trash, then it is trash. Don't donate it! (I helped sort donations after the April tornados and it changed my thoughts on what I will donate.) Do you like to get your hands dirty? Donate your time to cleanup efforts or rebuilding. Cannot do any of those things? PRAY!!