Friday, July 20, 2012

What Inspires You?

Wordle: Inspiration
These are my notes from speaker Billy Hybels, Sr. Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, The Global Leadership Summit, - It was geared towards church leaders but it can apply to your life in general!

What inspires/motivates you? What does it take to work in the motivated (inspired) state?
  1. How does it matter how motivated one is?
When people work in a motivated state, there are forty percent fewer sick days, fewer health insurance claims. An employee will give more if inspired by someone. (Less Mondayitis)

  1. Whose job is it to keep me motivated?
As a leader, it is my job to keep me motivated. No one else can plug in my cord. Take responsibility for my motivation and don’t blame anyone else. Surround yourself with inspiring/motivated people. What type of materials are you reading or reviewing? Make sure players on your team are inspiring people. YOU ARE EITHER MOTIVATING OR DE-MOTIVATING – which one will you choose to be?

  1. Best way to inspire people around you is the live a motivated/inspired life in front of people.

  1. What would work look like if people were inspired? 

  1. Participate in exceptionally inspiring events. 

  1. Pay attention to physical disciplines (taking care of self).

  1. Pay attention to work environment because this can either add to the motivation or take away from the motivation. 

  1. Have an inspiring hobby or recreation. 

  1. Practice daily spiritual disciplines. 

Inspiration is contagious.

Learn inspiration language of members on your team. What inspires them? Is it:

-        Public praise?

-        Gifts (recognition)?

o   I do ________________ [ice cream truck, employee Olympics, derby day, mani/pedi] but people want ______________ [name anything different]. (Not everyone will like what you do to show people appreciation because people have different inspiration language.)

-        Remind someone how thankful you are for the good job she is doing.

-        Reduce and identify every de-motivating factor.

-        Celebrate every sign of progress with your long term goals. 

Acts 2:42 – Everyone was inspired or motivated and filled with a sense of awe.


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Coleen said...

Cathy, so glad to connect up with other believers. We are American missionaries living in Ukraine. I enjoyed reading this. I always try to be an encourager to others.
I"m following on your blog on both gadgets. Hope you'll come to do the same on mine.