Monday, November 16, 2009

Team 1 in India- Praise and Prayers

I just received this email from Team 1 in India (I'm part of Team 2!).  If you have a moment to spare, would you please pray for these specific needs?  Thank you!

Grace, peace, and joy to you and yours in the love of our Savior God!

It is Monday afternoon in Hanamkonda India and our teams are starting to return from their first full day of ministry in the thandas. Spirits are very high as we are seeing many professions of faith and seekers who wish to hear more in the days to come!

To recap the last few days:
Our team experienced great favor in our travels as we all arrived in India as scheduled on Saturday, about 1 in the morning. After resting in a Hyderabad hotel we toured a huge local fort, experienced India's mass of humanity at a Muslim religious site, did some other sightseeing, had dinner and experienced a great night of rest. On Sunday, we boarded our bus as we traveled to Hanamkonda from Hyderabad. We were able to see tha Banjara Bible Training Center (Building in process) and meet the precious orphans at the hanamkonda orphanage. Dinner, orientation, and prayer followed before a short night's sleep. Everyone was up and out the hotel door this morning at 5:15AM to meet the India segment of our team and then on to the thandas at 7-7:30AM!

We so much appreciate your prayers!

Here are current concerns:

1) Please pray for Mary Wagner's health as she was not able to go out with the teams today due to nausea and stomach problems (Yesterday Matt wagner was under the weather but appears to be doing fine today). Also please just pray for the general health of our team as one of our team members is having panic attacks and another has had bouts of exhaustion due to diabetic conditions. Pray God's grace, favor, and healing hand on each team member as we believe their is a great harvest at hand! Pray Ephesians 6:10-20for all the team - NA and Indian nationals! Ask for His protection against the forces of evil so prevalent in this land.

2) Pray God continue to call and raise up His persons of peace, gatekeepers, shepherds, ... for each of the thandas (villages) we visit. Already, we are seeing precious new babies in Christ asking us to meet at their homes! Pray and ask the Lord of the Harvest to convict those hearing the gospel to accept His free gift during this week as we will go back to each thanda a number of times to preach, proclaim, teach, love, and generally manifest Christ's light as best we can! Pray the hundredfold increase ...

3) We ask for prayers for Hanuma Naik, our Indian interpreters, and the incredible Banjara brothers and sisters who have joined us on this team. May all language and culture barriers between us be broken down so our partnership in the Banjara's Judea ministry and our (USA) "ends of the earth" ministry bring great glory to our Almighty Sovereign LORD; pray that the light of Christ be blinding to those we are ministering too. Pray!

4) Also lift up the family members left behind - both in the USA and India. Ask our Father to place a special hedge of protection around each one - filling all with the joy and peace that transcends all understanding.

Jennifer, Kellie, Steve, Hank, Debra, Ali, Kris, Nicole, Ginny, Karen, Danny, Matthew, Dave, Mary,and myself all say hello and thank youfor your prayers!

In His Steps,
Mike Wagner
e3 Partners


PJ said...

Hey Cathey! My prayers will be continually with y'all. May God Bless You All, and open all the ears and touch all the hearts of those you come in contact with. The harvest is plentiful and just because the laborers may be "few" doesn't mean God's Word won't be heard, passed on and accepted. Love and Prayers to you All, Your Sister in Christ, PJ

PJ said...

Hey Cathy! I want to apologize. For some reason I just now noticed that you do not spell your name "ey". I am so sorry. I guess my eyes got cock-eyed at some point and thought they saw an e, so I continued to spell it that way. So sorry! Let me say that Again, Sorry, Cathy.
Love ya,