Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Voice of Psalms

The Voice of Psalms

Readers will be inspired to praise and will find comfort, wisdom, and help for daily living through The Voice of Psalms.
  • the entire Book of Psalms in The Voice™ translation
  • 75 practical and insightful comments on selected scriptures, focusing the primary idea of each one addressed
  • devotional in tone
  • offering immediate application
  • 28 Advent readings with messianic quotes from other portions of Scripture
  • 40 Lenten readings with messianic quotes from other portions of Scripture
  • 40 Psalms readings for those seeking help from the Lord
  • 40 Psalms readings for those desiring to have a time of praise with the Lord
My review:
This is a beautifully bound book and the pages are easy to read and pleasant to view.  The Voice is an interesting and new translation of the Bible; however, I'm not comfortable with this translation.  Of course, I had never even heard of translations other than King James and NIV until about 3 years ago and I switched from KJV to NIV because I never could understand the KJV. 

I liked the different reading plan options already set out for me.  I think it would be a nice gift book for someone who really likes bibles or who would like a devotional book.  Just know when you buy it that the translation is a little different than normal, but that's not always a bad thing.  It's possible it'll grow on me as an additional resource to use in my daily prayer time. 

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Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for providing me a copy of The Voice of Psalms to review.


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