Monday, March 15, 2010

Enter to Worship - Exit to Serve by Ronald K. Gray

Enter to Worship - Exit to Serve by Ronald K. Gray (Xulon Press)
This book is intended to help the local church realize its destiny. There has been a severe deterioration in our worship and the Church's place in the world. The Body of Christ is struggling today in many places. This is not God's plan for His church! These Biblical principles from the book of Nehemiah can help us grow into the people God intended us to be. I urge you to read and allow the Holy Spirit to make these truths real to you. Apply them in your life and the life of your church and you will see God bring restoration to your life, just as He did to the walls and temple in Nehemiah.

About the Author
Ronald Gray serves the Kingdom of God through sharing the uncompromised Word of God. He has been faithful to his call since 1974. He is on the board of International Outreach Ministries and Charles Simpson Ministries. He is the Director of Mission Growth for IOM leading short-term teams to various countries in the world. Ronald began his ministry with Gulf Coast Teen Challenge in Pensacola, FL. He has served as an Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor. Ronald and his wife Sharon, have lived in the Mobile, AL area since 1995. He and Sharon have two daughters and four grandchildren. Ronald has traveled extensively in the United States and in over 38 countries, spreading the message of the Kingdom of God. Many people have received salvation, healing, restoration and deliverance in their lives. 

My review
I really enjoyed this small yet powerful book.  When I was in India, God broke my  heart for the overall state of the North American church and how lacking we are in our worship and service.  Mr. Gray captured many of the feelings I had but was unable to put into words.  If you will read this and put the words into practice, I believe you will start to grow nearer to our Father and experience a more powerful relationship with him.  This isn't a self-help or legalistic type of book, but it is one that has the potential to change your life, but experiencing more of God. 

Thank you Ronald Gray for providing me a review copy of your book. 

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